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"This was an awesome interview. One of my favorites! Thank you for having me on, my friend!"

– Adam Hommey

“Loved the interview Rob Anspach. Great questions, great host.”

– Christine Schlonski

"It was solid gold fun!"

– Steve Sims

"It was fun chatting with you Rob, thanks a million for the invite to share Millionaire #Marketing on a Shoestring Budget tips with your peeps!"

– Debra Jason

"Rob Anspach~ thank you for including me in such a great lineup!"

– Lisa Marie Kennedy

Rob’s Newest E-Heroes Interviews…

Ep 46 – Building Empires

Rob Anspach interviews Elena Rahrig about building empires, writing books, creating websites and offering memberships.

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Ep 45 – I Create Daily

Rob Anspach interviews Devani Alderson cofounder of I Create Daily about journaling, creating content, getting started and staying focused....

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Ep 44- It’s All About The Deliverables

Rob Anspach interviews Dennis McGrath about being a serial entrepreneur and why it's all about the deliverables.

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Ep 42 – FreeeUp

Rob Anspach interviews Nathan Hirsch from FreeeUp about virtual assistants and how to scale your business using VA's.

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Ep 41 – Client Acquisition

Rob Anspach interviews Mario Fachini, pro smiler and client acquisition specialist and author of "Expert Authority Effect". Mario shares why the money is in the metrics....

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Ep 40 – Magnetic Marketing

Rob Anspach interviews Richard Bueckert (pronounced "Bickert") about being a Magnetic Marketing Advisor and why going cheap can hurt your business....

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Ep 39 – How To Market Anything

Rob Anspach interviews Tim Burt on how to market anything. Tim a former CBS radio ads man shared his new book, "A Kick In The Ads".

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