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Rob Anspach interviews talented entrepreneurs who demonstrate an eagerness to share their experiences, their knowledge and their stories to help others succeed.

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Each one of us has the power to be better at what we do. Yet, sometimes we are stuck and not sure the direction we need to go. The key is to learn from others and to become the next E-Hero.

And Be A Hero To Other Entrepreneurs.

That’s right, you too can become a hero to other entrepreneurs. 

"This was an awesome interview. One of my favorites! Thank you for having me on, my friend!"

– Adam Hommey

“Loved the interview Rob Anspach. Great questions, great host.”

– Christine Schlonski

"It was solid gold fun!"

– Steve Sims

"Rob is the best. Sarcasm and all 😊"

– Manuj Aggarwal

"Always enjoy chatting with Rob."

-Paul Douglas

“Rob Anspach is one of the most talented and gracious podcast hosts I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with - and I’ve “guested” on hundreds of shows!”

-Ben Gay III

"Great time and thought provoking interview. Rob is a true pro and Trailblazer 🔥"

-Tony Rubleski

“Rob Anspach you are THE BEST interviewer on earth. You phrase your questions, continue the conversation and bring out the best in your expert. It is a privilege to be your guest. Thank you.”

-Parthiv Shah

"Rob is a great host, we had a conversation around business with some good laughs mixed in."

-David Brown

"It was fun chatting with you Rob, thanks a million for the invite to share Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget tips with your peeps!"

-Debra Jason

"Rob Anspach~ thank you for including me in such a great lineup!"

-Lisa Kennedy

"I ALWAYS enjoy chatting with Rob. He's a genuine, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda guy, and his public persona and private persona are one-in-the-same!"

-Michael E. Schmidlen 

Rob’s Newest E-Heroes Interviews…

Ep 288 – Health Versus Illness

Ep 288 – Health Versus Illness

Rob Anspach interviews Christopher VanBerg on pivoting from your main goal, 36hr fast, anxiety, food allergy panels, gut biome, diet, ADD, learning the lesson and health versus illness. 

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Ep 287 – The World of Audio

Ep 287 – The World of Audio

Rob Anspach interviews former DJ Danny Galvez about voice coaching, RMS, MTV, how to get started producing audiobooks, using AI, removing clicks, pops, mouth noises, and idiosyncrasies and the whole world of audio.

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Ep 284 – The Sophistication Spectrum

Ep 284 – The Sophistication Spectrum

Rob Anspach interviews Lynn Swayze about understanding your perfect client, developing offers, not being scattershot, agency churn, utilizing stories and integrating the sophistication spectrum into your process.

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Ep 283 – The Human Algorithm

Ep 283 – The Human Algorithm

Rob Anspach interviews Joshua B. Lee on creating value, using LinkedIn, ego’s, everybody’s vision, Ai, think tanks, authority, the human algorithm and the need for connection.

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Ep 280 – Overcoming Adversity

Ep 280 – Overcoming Adversity

Rob Anspach interviews Life Strategist Gary Coxe on overcoming adversity, why so many entrepreneurs are mentally weak, how to be intentional, comparing yourself to yourself and understanding that we are all on a different chapter on our journeys.

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A Message To PR Firms & Those Wanting To Be On This Podcast:


I don’t accept unsolicited requests to be on my podcast. The only way to appear on my podcast is if:

(1) I send a personal invite or

(2) someone that’s been on the podcast suggests I reach out.


Now you might be wondering why…well I’ll tell ya. Unsolicited requests usually come from some PR company trying to get their client on a predetermined number of podcasts. The PR company hasn’t really done a good job vetting their client or seeing if my podcast is a right fit.


When I invite someone on my podcast it’s because I see the uniqueness in them, I see how they interact with people and I believe they have a cool story to share. Those who have been on my show get a sense of what I’m about and suggest awesome people that they know will be willing to share their superpowers with my listeners.


If you’ve been on my show…thank you. Without you I couldn’t have done over 200 episodes. For those who haven’t been on the show yet (or another’s podcast), keep doing awesome things and hopefully I or another podcaster appreciates you and invites you on. If you do get an invite…say YES!


Your uniqueness could be the exact thing a listener needs to hear to go from a struggling entrepreneur to a global phenomenon.


~ Rob Anspach